Sunday, September 27, 2009

My First Wedding Cake

Back in May I announced on my facebook page to all my friends that I wanted to pursue cake decorating. At the time I had already done birthday, homecoming and graduation cakes for friends, but I was very nervous when a college friend asked me to do his wedding cake. A wedding is such a momentous event, I didn't want anything to go wrong. My finance reassured me that I was talented and that I could do a wedding cake (he really is a wonderful man!). So, I decided to take on my first wedding cake.

The bride, Sara wanted something very simple and classic. After emailing ideas and images back and forth, we decided on a three-tiered vanilla buttermilk cake with a simple dot pattern. The bride graciously forwarded a few professional images of the cake (hooray, no blurry images!), so here is the cake!

I love the added touches that the florist gave the cake.

The cake toppers are so cute!

And here is a picture of the beautiful bride, Sara and her husband, Tyler.

Photography by Peardon-Carrillo Wedding Photography

To Sara and Tyler, may your marriage be filled with happiness, laughter and love! Congratulations again!


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