Friday, September 4, 2009

New Recipe of the Week

As I mentioned last week, I will be trying at least one new recipe a week. This week, we tried a Matcha Green Tea recipe. I love the color green and I loved this recipe!!! The recipe at first made me a little nervous because it called for 2 Tablespoons of Matcha powder. That seemed like a lot to me, so I only added 1 Tablespoon at first. You could barely taste the Matcha, so we added the extra Tablespoon. Check out the green batter...

The cupcakes smelled like shortbread cookies while they were baking and I loveee shortbread cookies. We decided to make the green tea buttercream frosting to go along with the cupcakes. The recipe ended up being very thick so I added a little lemon juice. I think I will add some milk next time because it still ended up being very thick.

The cupcake was delicious!!! The cake itself had a subtle green tea taste. The initial taste was of a regular yellow cake recipe, but after your first bite you will find you can taste green tea and that taste will linger in your mouth. However, when you eat both the cake and the frosting together... it is amazing!!! The sugar in the buttercream brings out the green tea flavor really well in both the frosting and the cake.

I think I found my green tea recipe!

If you live in the area and want to try a cupcake, lemme know!

Coming soon... stout cake recipe and some more science cupcakes!!! :)


  1. danielle - -
    i think it's fabulous that you have "found" a career path that combines the things you are passionate about! we enjoyed many of your dad's incredible meals and are happy to see you carrying on his love for food and cooking!
    since we live in north san diego county, it's not too far to partake in your creations - - - so we may be calling you (facebooking, whatever) with an order when we need to pass through on our way to visit family in la!
    lynn tsunekawa

  2. Thank you! I love food and cooking because my parents love food and cooking!

    Let me know if you ever need some treats!