Friday, November 6, 2009

The difference a camera makes

I did an engagement cake this past weekend for a good friend of the family's and I had left over red velvet cake batter. So, I decided to make mini red velvet cupcakes for my coworkers. At work, we have a photo box to take pictures of our product and my boss graciously took pictures of my cupcakes. This picture is 5 million times better than what my little camera takes, so I just wanted to share it. I like how the cupcakes are reflected onto the plate! Tyler and I are looking at used professional cameras online, crossing my fingers that we can find one soon! Until next time, happy baking!



  1. I keep saying the same (and dropping LOTS of hints to the hubby for xmas, birthday, etc)). I love my little camera, but I've used a professional camera as well (on loan from the in-laws)'s amazing, the differences, isn't it?!?! I love these little cakes too. red!