Friday, May 28, 2010

Cake Decorating Supplies!

Half an aisle!!!  Who was excited?  I was!
Wednesday, while on my lunch break, I needed to go by Michael's craft store to pick up cake boards for a couple graduation cakes I am working on this week.  As I turned down the aisle, I turned my head to the right and noticed a whole new display of cake decorating supplies and materials... and what brand do suppose I am talking about... it's not Wilton, but Duff from Charm City Cakes!  Oh, happy day!  No, literally, it made my day!  I actually squealed in delight and the woman down the way looked at me like I was weird.

Some of you may or may not know, but baking and cake decorating is a side venture of mine.  During my normal 40 hour week, I happen to work at a craft company.  I am constantly bugging my product department to venture into the cake industry (hasn't worked... yet).   Many cake artists use scrapbooking and sculpting tools, so it is nice to see our supply selection growing!  Right now the Duff line is only being sold at Michaels.

I took these images with my iphone and I was a little excited (just a little...), so they are kind of wobbly.  Mary Alice posted more pictures on the Charm City Cake blog, click here.  Enjoy! 

Printed icing sheets for easy use, Duff calls them Cake Tattoos

Nice Plan-o-gram action going on right here!

Texture Mats for use with Fondant and Royal Icing

Sprinkles and Royal Icing!
High quality fondant... who is willing to try it?

If anyone has tried out Duff's product, let me know what you think!  I bought a texture pad and I'm hoping to try it out soon.  I'll do a follow up post when I do. 

Until next time!  

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  1. Was it a squeal or the, oooohhh that you do sometimes? I thought it was cool too. I wish I could wear a sideways hat and be on TV for MY job