Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Cake for Katherine and Kevin

This is the largest wedding cake I have done to date and I was pretty proud of myself (no tears!).  The bottom tier is chocolate and the other two tiers are vanilla buttermilk.  Each tier has three layers of cake, so for the filling I did chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting (per request of the bride).  I pulled the piping pattern from the bride's dress.  The dress was so gorgeous! 

My favorite applique on her dress were these two mirroring flowers.  I pulled this detail into the top tier of the cake.  I didn't know if the bride and groom were going to have a cake topper, so I used these two flowers to symbolize Katherine and Kevin.  

I got a text message from the bride's sister during the reception letting me know that the cake was delicious and the bride's mother emailed me the next day to let me know that the bride thought the cake was "amazing."  Just starting out, it's so nice to hear comments like that.  So thank you to the family!  Congratulations to Katherine and Kevin!  I wish you two the best! 

Until next time, happy baking!


  1. The cake was amazing and weighed about 20 pounds! We made it all the way out to SB on the 91 despite the CONSTANT traffic which was the worst part of the trip. Thanks for letting me be a part!

  2. No joke this cake was delicious! People were literally standing around talking about how yummy it was! The care and talent of your cake making showed on every level. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Wally! I am so glad to hear that people enjoyed the cake :)