Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dessert | Kristen's Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

As promised, desserts!  

Last week my coworker celebrated her birthday and our department goes a little crazy with birthday breakfast buffets... 

The birthday girl and the breakfast spread
I never seem to be hungry for lunch on those days {it may be the delicious cheesy potatoes!}.  Kristen happens to be my cubicle buddy and both of us graduated from Chapman University.  We also happen to be 1/2 of a group our other coworkers have deemed the lunch bunch!  There happens to be three ladies at work who I adore and work just wouldn't be the same without them!  Okay, moving on from the mushy gushy stuff... Kristen loves the colors orange and teal {I found out later that her teal is more of a turquoise}!  She even claimed dibs on those colors for her wedding, so we decided to incorporate that color scheme into her birthday decorations!  

This one was a group effort and I have to thank the lunch bunch for all their help! Thank you to Lynda for providing all the paper decorations!  
All the paper flowers scattered on Kristen's desk were cut out and the flowers are from her mom
Kristen loves red velvet, so I baked about 2 dozen cupcakes and a 4" mini cake for her!  I couldn't cover the 4" mini cake with fondant and have freshly baked cupcakes, so I opted for a rustic frosting look with fondant decorations.

The cupcake wrappers were custom designed and cut by Jen.  Jen is an amazing illustrator and designer, check out here work here.  

Happy birthday to the birthday girl!  Cheers!

Next up, piping carnation flowers... 250 of them...



  1. Those wrappers look really cool. I think you should come up with line of those for your own place

  2. What a bunch of cute little cupcake wrappers. How clever..

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