Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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So I was checking my email and guess what should pop up... an email from Crate and Barrel {no surprise there} and they announced a website redesign.  I work in the creative web and print world, so these kinds of announcements excite me!  I opened up the email and the second item listed... dessert tables!!!  

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Oh how I love thee!  

Crate and Barrel's new web re-design allows you to shop by ideas {sub-category: create the look}, which I think is a fantastic move!  In today's world people are inspired by the crafty and the creative and they want to replicate that.  Here is a screen capture of the first line of product within this dessert table idea.  

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel
 The cake pedestal prices are not too bad surprisingly.  Some of my favorite ceramic and Mosser milk-glass cake stands average between $30-$60 a piece. 

Mosser milk cake stands

And I love these glass jars and again the price points are not too bad.  My coworker told me that TJ Maxx Home Goods and Ross are two places to keep an eye out for these jars if you are in need of a lower price point.   These jars have multiple uses beyond candy and dessert bars… 

Makes you want to go out and buy a couple of these, doesn’t it? 

This whole post was inspired by a single email that I received, it’s amazing what can inspire you and what directions it takes you in.  I’ll be picking up a couple of these jars this Halloween and I’ll make sure to post some of my ideas. 

What are your ideas?


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