Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a long time

I know it's been a long time since I blogged, but hey, I was getting married {insert big smile here}.  

In a previous post I mentioned loving table displays!  You may have heard of Amy Atlas, some people see her as the Queen B of dessert tables and she really does do amazing work.  Dessert displays are just like what they sound like - a dessert buffet but in today's modern world people are dressing up their displays and matching their desserts with their party's theme. 

Zebra Patterned Dessert Bar, photo courtesy of Amy Atlas
If you know me, then you know that I'm a huge dork who gets excited about desserts and paper... yup, paper!   I used to work for a printing company and now I traffic production in an art department for a craft company.  I even have a favorite line of paper!  What is that you say, line of paper... yup line of paper.  The Curious Collection is amazing!!! {See, I'm a huge dork...}.  So, with that being said, I can honestly tell you that dessert displays are exciting because they combine two things that I love!

Over the past couple months I've been thinking up different ways to extend my future business.  I've thought about a store front, maybe a little boutique shop, maybe a cake supplies store... it's still a work in progress, but I have decided to incorporate paper and it's uses with desserts into my blog.  My company's name is Cake and Company and paper is really good company!

It's easy to take your simple homemade cupcake, like the one below and dress it up!

All it takes, is either a decorating tip or some fun with paper.  I'll be posting a few tips and DIY projects in the future so that you can also do it at home!  So keep your eyes out for future posts!  In the meantime, here a few images from our wedding.  I baked the cupcakes for our wedding tower the night before the wedding, I know I am crazy but I wanted my family to taste my treats.

Close up of our wedding cupcakes. Photo courtesy of Soul Mates Photography

Our cake topper and a larger shot of our cupcake tower.  Photo courtesy of Soul Mates Photography
To tie our cupcakes into our wedding theme, I had paper printed with our fern design on it.  I then used a cupcake wrapper die to die-cut the wrappers.  For the cake on top of the cake, I decided to go with fondant covered Styrofoam cake dummies.  I didn't want to fondant a cake in Maui, because I have never worked in that type of climate before with fondant.  So, to save my bridal sanity and frustration I took the simple way out and covered the dummies in California.  Yes, I put the cake dummies in my carry-on luggage...  I then die-cut a fern flourish out of green paper (I can just see the disappointed look in Kerry Vincent's eyes) to decorate the cake.  Tyler and I are each others penguins, so I surprised him with our penguin cake toppers. 

See the use of paper with desserts is amazing!

Here is one last photo of me and Tyler from our wedding

To see more of our wedding photos, check out
 Until next time, happy baking and paper cutting!

Where credits are due:
Amy Atlas Events ~
Soul Mates Photography ~
Cupcake wrapper die ~
Florals for the cake display, Teresa Sena Designs ~
Penguin Cake Toppers, The Pink Koala on Etsy ~

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  1. Great post I can't wait to see your creativity. Now we just need to have some parties! I'm thinking some kind of homecoming for Liz and Barnes?